The end-to-end billing to payment solution for businesses

Pay, get paid and access cash flow tailored financing to get the capital your business needs to keep growing, all-in-one place.

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Benefits of Billboxx for businesses


Pay and get paid 10x faster:

Pay and get paid 10x faster with digitized invoices, automated reminders and a suite of payment options your customers can choose from.


Get cash flow tailored financing:

Don’t let invoice delays slow your success. Advance yourself the working capital you need to keep your business growing


Save 50% of your time spent on manual entry:

Billboxx automatically captures and enters key details from invoices for your review so you never have to enter data twice


Reconcile payments without the complexity:

Billboxx automatically matches payments to their invoices and syncs with your accounting software so you can speed up reconciliations and keep your books consistent


Optimize how you pay and approve:

Build trust with suppliers and vendors by paying quickly, easily and securely. Review, approve and pay bills anywhere, any time.


Get complete visibility and control:

See all your pending invoices and payments activity at a glance from the Billboxx dashboard, allowing you to better understand your cash position and make strategic decisions with real-time data.

Seamless integrations to meet your business needs 

Billboxx connects with leading payments solutions to simplify your billings-to-payments cycle and help you stay cash flow positive


Take your business to the next level

Whether you’re a small business looking to break the pain of late payments as you scale, or a forward-thinking enterprise looking to optimize your financial operations, Billboxx’s industry leading solution can help you get there.

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Invoice digitization

The intelligent way to generate, issue invoices and get paid

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Payment facilitation

Pay and get paid how you and your vendors want – with fast and secure payments via card, bank transfers and even QR codes.

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Cash flow financing

Advance yourself the cash you need to provide the working capital to keep your business moving forward

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Join the growing number of businesses using Billboxx to pay and get paid on time, every time, without breaking the bank

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